MOBIMED is the permanent exhibition of the Mirandola biomedical district which tells the history of the Mirandola biomedical cluster from 1962 until the present day.

The exhibition was initially placed on the ground floor of the “Castello dei Pico” in Mirandola, however, the consequences from the earthquake in May 2012 meant that the premises of the castle became too impracticable. Since then, the exhibition was moved to a new home at Via Focherini, 17, which is still in the heart of Mirandola.

The exhibition consists of a “historical section,” a “contemporary section” and a small meeting room.

• On display in the “historical section” are disposable and electro-medical medical devices, photos, drawings and various objects from local companies over the last 50 years.

All the information is presented in Italian and English and many pieces are unique, such as the first artificial kidney ever produced in Italy and the ink drawing, scale 1:1, of an automatic dialysis unit, produced by Dasco.

• The “contemporary section” showcases the latest products from local companies and organisations strictly within the medical field. These are shown in small booths (Baxter, BBraun, Bellco, Eurosets, Fresenius, Lean, Rimos, Sidam, Sorin, Sterigenics, Tecna) or represented on panels (Assobiomedica, HMC, QCN).

• The meeting room is used for presentations and courses.

We try to emphasise, with this exhibition, our wish for regeneration, by remembering the history and creative/productive skills of the Mirandola biomedical district from the beginning until the present day.

– The small meeting room is used for presentations and courses.

SATURDAY from 10.30 to 12.30
SUNDAY from 16.30 to 19.00
On the second Sunday of the month the exhibition will remain open Morning and Afternoon.

If you want to visit the exposition out of these hours, please contact RPM MEDIA Società Benefit +39 0535 23550

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